SRR & Associates, PC

Architecture, Neighborhood and Downtown Revitalization, Planning and Urban Design

SRR & Associates, PC is committed to respond to the need for problem solving architecture. We meet this commitment by taking the time to understand the client’s needs and developing responsive solutions.

Our capability covers a wide range of project types which are listed in this brochure. Finding answers to difficult problems such as neighborhood and downtown revitalization, urban design, project packaging and management have become a specialty in our firm.

Drawing upon the unique resources of our staff of experienced professionals, the firm has developed a highly successful record in conceptualizing, developing and managing challenging projects. We frequently are the catalyst for bringing together neighborhood, city and government groups and assembling a development team to move a project forward.

To meet the sophisticated needs of today’s client and user group, we emphasize the team concept, actively involving them in the planning, design and development process.

No two clients are alike in their client project needs. We tailor our services to each project. Needs are identified and alternatives evaluated before determining final solutions. We are skilled problem solvers. We welcome your interest.